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Our Impact

Helping new companies Grow with intention.

Company Office Lobby

Company Ventures has put extraordinary effort over the past decade into helping our companies define their purpose and orient it towards a positive broader impact. Across four key initiatives we are breaking new ground on how to equip and train new companies to develop and grow with intention.

Company Office Lobby


Mission, Vision, Values Training

Personalized sessions to codify each company’s vision, mission, and values and to create a stakeholder accountability plan.


Workforce Development

Invest in, and benefit from, workforce development initiatives such as our signature CUNY internship program.


DEI Guidance

Operationalize diversity, equity and inclusion policies and behaviors within their teams.


Data ethics

Provide training on responsible use of technology, specifically data privacy, security and ethics.

Jannine Versi

Co-Founder & CEO of Elektra Health

Jannine Versi Portrait

Company’s North Star process helped us carve out focused time to go deep into our personal and company values. Not only did we have a safe space in which to openly discuss, debate, iterate, and come together around something meaningful, but it was incredibly helpful to hear input from our team members reflected back to us.

High-Performing Portfolio

Company Collaborative Office Space

It’s no wonder that seeking out founders inclined towards this building with purpose, and supporting them to do just that, has yielded a dynamic community, and a high-performing portfolio.

Company Collaborative Office Space